Research Areas

logo departmentThe Department of Economics and Management was established in 2012 through the merger of the existing Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods and Department of Business Research of the University of Pavia with the aim to promote, through high quality teaching and research, study in the fields of economics, business, law and sociology.

Since its foundation, the Department has developed scientific relations with other Italian and foreign universities, research institutes and top international researchers, as recently testified by the University of Pavia-Boston- Exchange Program which has seen several faculty members hosted by the MIT, Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Northeastern University, Boston University.
The Department has 54 members covering a broad range of research areas:

Corporate and Quantitative Finance

Applied microeconomics

Business Organisation

Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

Statistics, Data Science and Financial Technologies


Applied Mathematics

Economics, International Cooperation and Development Policy

Gender and Labour Economics

Innovation and Industrial Organization

Business Administration, Accounting and Business Valuation

corporate social responsibility

Economics and Management of the Firm, Marketing and International Business

Health Economics and Healthcare Management

Commercial and Bussiness Law

Private and Contracts Law

Public and Economic Law

Social and Linguistic Studies