Contact with the World of Work

Our courses are offered in close contact with the world of work:

  • students will undertake an internship during their three-year degree course. This will be at one of the large number companies with which the university has an agreement
  • teaching includes classes conducted by figures from the world of work as well as freelance professionals
  • courses make the most of an agreement with the Pavia, Voghera and Vigevano Board of Accountants and Tax Advisors. This allows students to begin practising during their Masters degree course (MELI). They are also exempt from the first test of the State Qualifying Examination.
  • courses provide easier access into employment as Tax Advisors thanks to an agreement between MELI and PWC
  • the MIBE degree course is part of the pilot Degree Plus project in which selected students spend two semesters working at a company, with expenses paid.