The Department of Economics and Management

The Department of Economics and Management was established in 2012 through the merger of the existing Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods and Department of Business Research of the University of Pavia. The Department is housed in the San Felice Monastery building (in via S. Felice, 5) which is said to have been founded by the last Lombard monarch: King Desiderius with his wife Ansa (VIII century a.d.).

What is known today as a Department followed on from the first Business schools of the mid 1800s, it then became a Business and Economics Faculty and was still known as such until 1963 when the Pavia Faculty was set up. The recent reforms however have eliminated faculties in favour of departments and this has meant a radical change in the way undergraduate degrees are organised, creating first and second level degree courses (three year bachelor courses followed by two year